Pic: Jasmina Vulic

I like to write poems and play music and paint pictures. I suppose I've been pedalling out my particular variety of home-made art for quite a while, but until now I've never put it all together in one place. I've had no formal training; a trait which I'm sure is evident throughout. Nevertheless, I hope that you can take something from it.


You can reach me by by email: angrydan [at] angrydan [dot] com


"...bright, bold...awesome" - Time Out [ARTICLE]

"...full of humour and life wisdom" - Creative Boom [ARTICLE]

"...truly amazing" - Secret London [ARTICLE]

"...dazzling murals popping up in New Brighton" - Liverpool Echo [ARTICLE]

"...full of vivid colours, it brings a pop of life..." - Carlisle News & Star [ARTICLE]

"...works that jump off the city walls" - Known Eventualities [ARTICLE]

"...a rising star" - PG Buzz [ARTICLE]

"...delightfully sinister" - Booooooom TV [ARTICLE]

"Masterful storytelling" - The Canary [INTERVIEW]

"Ingenious" - The London Economic [ARTICLE]


"King of the limerick" - Global Street Art

"Brilliantly funny work" - Art On A Postcard


London Borough of Limericks* - 1B Window Gallery - 7 May - 14 June 2020 [postponed]

Under The Influence - BSMT Space - 20-26 March 2020 [postponed]

The Mancunian Spray - Chapeltown Street, Manchester - 21 September 2019

Art The Arms Fair - Maverick Projects, Peckham - 3-13 September 2019

Urban Contemporary Art - Old Spitalfields Market - 26 June - 12 July 2019

Glastonbury Festival - Pilton, Somerset - 26-30 June 2019

Global Street Art x Pilot Pintor - Hallsville Quarter - 12 December 2018

The Other Art Fair - Bristol - Art On A Postcard - 19th July 2018

Swimming Pools Exhibition - Jealous Gallery - 7-24 September 2017

Green Creates Exhibition - Hoxton Arches - 19-24 October 2016

Glastonbury Festival - Pilton, Somerset - 22-26 June 2016

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